Car Covers Protect Your Investment and Save You Money

Ask anyone why they purchased a car cover and they all give you a different answer. Yet, the underlying reason will be the same; they want to protect the investment in their vehicle. Car covers and car cover fabrics are generally misunderstood. Many believe that the inexpensive off-the-shelf cover they can pickup in their local discount store or auto parts dealer is the same as the high quality custom tailored vehicle covers available from Covercraft. But, this is a mistake and the quality cover from Covercraft can cost less long term over the life of the cover. The inexpensive local alternative car covers are not much more than large bags of various materials with elastic bands to help hold the cover in place. Whereas, a custom tailored Covercraft car cover is cut to exact measurements provided to Covercraft from the vehicle manufacturer (think Ford, Chevy or BMW) directly. Many of the patterns for custom car covers have mirror pockets and some even have pockets for the new smaller stubby antenna and/or satellite radio antennas. Another difference between the covers is the wide selection of fabrics available for the custom fit covers. The fabric is key to the effectiveness of the cover and many of the low cost options don’t stand up to even the most mild of weather situations. Fabrics available from Covercraft are designed first and foremost to protect the vehicle from dust, dirt and pollen. Basically, they keep the vehicle clean which saves you time and money on washing and detailing the

Outdoor car cover fabrics go beyond the basics of keeping a car clean have water resistance and UV reflectance properties. On the topic of water resistance, no Covercraft car cover is waterproof. Why is this? Simply because if you place a waterproof cover over a vehicle, any moisture that is normally in the air or any water puddles under the car will evaporate and become trapped between the car and cover. This will create a “greenhouse effect” and cause the water to condense on the vehicle which can lead to damage. With a Covercraft cover the fabrics are designed to “breathe”, that is they allow the microscopic water molecules to escape out of the fabric keeping your vehicle clean and dry. The outer layer of the cover will repel most of the rain and moisture that hits it so you have protection inside and out. UV damage can occur in any area but more so in climates with brilliant sunshine all year round. You’ve seen the faded or cracked dashboards or discolored seats in many vehicle. But, with a custom car cover most damaging sun rays are reflected so you not only protect your paint and finish but your interior as well. An additional benefit in sun protection is that your interior stays cooler in the hot summer months. Other benefits of Covercraft car cover fabrics included protection from dings and dents, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, snow and ice. Every area has unique weather and external factors that threaten your car’s appearance, so it makes sense that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your car cover needs. This is where Covercraft and their specialized line of custom car covers can help keep your car, truck or other vehicle clean and looking brand new.

Classic Car Covers

The first and the most obvious is the fact that they are unique and rare and secondly because it is not easy to get them repaired if damage happens to the car. Hence, the importance of classic car covers cannot be stressed enough. However, it can feel like an exercise in futility to go hunting for a classic car cover. Because the cars have been out of circulation for so long, there is no way that one can get a new, ready-made cover for a classic car. There are two alternatives in such a case; either one can get a used classic car cover, or one can have a cover custom made by someone who makes car covers. Again it is not easy to find used classic car covers. Then there are junkyards in almost every city and state. These can be a good source for finding a classic car cover. You just might find a car cover stashed in the trunk of the car. This, however, is rare and you’ll encounter such a thing only if you are extremely lucky. Thanks to the Internet, it is relatively easier than it use to be for one to find classic car covers. You can search for what you need and chances are that you will find it. Or you will find someone in some forum or group who knows where to find it. Finally, if all efforts fail, you can use the age old, but expensive method. You can go to someone who makes car covers and have one custom made for your classic car. While doing so, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is to use the best possible material for making the car cover since it is not every day It is a good idea to do it perfectly the first time, because of the expense and time involved.

Extra Extra! Car Covers Save Car!

Your automobile is one of the most important investments you will make aside from your house. So it only follows that you would watch over this prized possession as a mother would her child. While singing it lullabyes, you will want to keep it from getting scratched or stained. Without this simple but highly effective protection, you are sure to have your baby sporting dents and scratches in no time. If you’re looking for a good guide to choosing a car cover for your vehicle, you have come to the right place. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life. Unless you are considering covering your vehicle in plated steel, chances are you will be seeing more of these dents and scratches in your life. They may seem harmless, but looks can be deceiving.


Don’t you just hate it when those birds just can’t seem to let loose their bombs unless there are right over something important? Jump the gun! Get protection for your car! Bird droppings are acidic and could cause discoloration or even corrosion to your paint finish.


We all love them for the shade. But trees have a deadly sense of retribution. Falling branches, nuts, fruits, and sap can all put scratches and stains on you car. And don’t forget our friendly neighborhood birds (where else would they be found?). If you’re really unlucky, a large branch might come crashing your way.

Tips to Choose the Best Car Covers

When you have invested in a good car cover, you won’t have to worry about all of these elements. This is considering that the harsh weather conditions can end up taking a toll on the cover. Choose heavy duty covers for outdoor use so you are assured that they can withstand the harsh conditions all through the seasons. They are perfect for dust protection and you can wash them once in a while without too much trouble because there are no stubborn stains to deal with. The covers are inexpensive and they are breathable to ensure that there is no condensation buildup under them. Tip 3 If you are looking for covers which offer much more than just dust and dirt protection while indoors, you can choose those that come with heavy flannel. They make amazing choices for show cars too. Tip 4 For superior outdoor protection, choose covers which are made using acrylic fibers. Even though these covers are a bit expensive compared to other types, they are long lasting and durable. They are also waterproof and fade resistant. Tip 6 When buying, look for double stitched covers. The double stitching adds durability and you can actually tell the quality based on the number of seams. The fewer the seams it will wear out faster. It will also be beneficial to choose covers treated to resist mildew and mold. They will remain in good condition however harsh the weather conditions are. You also don’t want to be too lenient on price in that you compromise on the quality of the covers.

Benefits Of Custom-Made Car Covers

There are a number of reasons why people want and need car covers for their vehicle. Some use them to protect the vehicle from the heat; some use them to protect their vehicle from vandalism and theft. Regardless of your reason, you are sure to find a variety of choices for your vehicle within the many options that can be found. Not all car covers material are the same. There are some that are better at protecting your vehicle from the damage caused by increasing heat and there are some that are designed to keep out even the smallest dust particles that might find their way under the cover. There are still others that are designed to release heat buildup under the cover while still protecting your vehicle from those minute dust particles that like to coat everything in their path. When you are choosing your cover, you will find that there are many choices as well as a wide range of prices that you can fit into your budget. All covers are specifically custom-made for each and every vehicle, making them snug and secure. You might select the cover with a personal phrase, monogramming or even a Ford logo to personalize the cover to make it your very own. We offer a wide range of materials, textures and colors for indoor or outdoor use.

Depending on your budget, you might choose just the basic cover for your vehicle. When you need to park your car for an extended period of time, it will be important that you cover your vehicle in some way to protect the paint from the harsh affects of Mother Nature’s onslaughts. In some areas, outdoor car covers are purchased to protect their vehicles from vandalism. By covering the vehicle, people cannot really determine what type of vehicle is under that sheet, so while they may be curious, they are likely to find an easier target for their mischief. In very warm climates, people may cover their vehicles during the day while at work to help keep the interior cooler. After work they remove the cover. While it won’t be extremely cool inside the vehicle, it has been protected from the harsh sun and heat buildup throughout the day. We offer a good selection of indoor car covers available for thousands of makes and models. In fact, if we don’t have a pattern, we will create special patter for you for a moderate fee. Pickup trucks, sports utility vehicles and even mini vans are a huge part of the market and we make custom-made car covers for these vehicles as well. Our car indoor and outdoor car covers protect your vehicle and you will find that the paint is not fading, the dash is not getting hot and damaged from the UV rays and any items that may be sensitive to the heat will also not be damaged even on those really hot summer days. These car covers are so easy to handle on your own. Additionally, storage bags are available for a nominal fee; your cover will fold up neatly for storage when not in use.